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Oriental Fortune Finance Breakfast December 21 Thursday, December 21st

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  1,Popular eventsXinhua News Agency:Central Rural Work Conference19Day by day20Sundy was held in Beijing to analyze the current"Agriculture"The situation and challenge of work, deployment2024Year"Agriculture"WorkEssenceThe meeting emphasized that we must learn the use of development concepts, working methods and promotion mechanisms contained in the "10 million projects", start from the peasant people's reflection of strong actual problems, find the entry point of quasi -rural revitalization, and improve the effectiveness of work.Grasp the production of food and important agricultural products, stabilize the area of grain sowing, promote large -scale improvement of grain production, consolidate the results of soybean expansion, explore the establishment of the provincial and horizontal interest compensation mechanism for the establishment of the grain production and sales zone, do a good job of agricultural disaster prevention and disaster relief, ensure that 2024 in 2024Food production remains above 1.3 trillion kg.

  2,Xinhua News Agency:12moon20On the morning, the State Council was"Create a first -class business environment for marketization and rule of law, and continue to stimulate market vitality and social creativity"For the theme, do the fifth special study.State Council Prime Minister Li Qiang presided over a special studyEssenceLi Qiang pointed out that after a long -term unremitting efforts, China's business environment has continued to improve, and the sense of obtaining the masses and enterprises has continued to increase.At the same time, we must also see that the business environment is not the best and only better.In the next step, we must further improve the level of marketization around better maintaining fair competition. One regards to support the development and growth of various types of ownership enterprises, accelerate the construction of a unified unified market in the country, increase its efforts to clean up and abolish the unified market and fair competition.Category ownership enterprises participate in competition fairly.

  3,China Securities Journal:The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a prompt letter to the member unit a few days ago, asking each unitEssenceInvestors who have carried out stock procedural transactions before October 9 shall, within the 60 trading days of the "Report Notice", the report of the Shanghai Stock Exchange will be completed before December 29.For those who fail to fulfill the management responsibilities of the procedural transaction report in accordance with the "Report Notice" on December 29, they will be based on the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Trading Rules", "Shanghai Stock Exchange Member Management Rules", and "Shanghai Stock Exchange Disciplinary Disciplinary Actions and Supervision and SupervisionThe Measures for the Implementation Measures stipulate that corresponding regulatory measures or disciplinary sanctions are taken.

  4,China Securities Journal:Rumored market value50The stocks of less than 100 million yuan cannot be bought, and multiple quantitative institutions respond to this as a rumorEssenceThere are market rumors that "quantification must reform, and stocks below the market value of 5 billion yuan in circulation cannot be added after quantification, which cannot be bought." In this regard, multiple quantitative private equity responses said that "the news is not received, it is a rumor.","

  5.Interface News:The deposit interest rate has soared to 6%.EssenceRecently, many banks have launched various forms of marketing activities, such as upside -down deposit interest rates, down reduction consumer loan interest rates, giving away exquisite gifts, etc. An Anhui bank launched "special deposits". If the amount of deposit reaches 50,000 yuan, new customers can get 2%The interest rate rate of interest rates, a 6 -month period of interest rates reached 6%.However, some people in the industry said that these are staged and seasonal phenomena during the opening period. In the long run, marketing activities will not be the norm under the pressure of narrowing bank deposits and loans.

  Central Rural Work Conference:Concentrated strengths do a good job of being able to do a lot of practical things.It is necessary to fully implement the responsibility of the party and government of food security, and adhere to the stability of the area and increase the two -handed force.It is necessary to establish a big agricultural concept and large food concept, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, and build a diversified food supply system.It is necessary to keep the lifeblood of cultivated land, resolutely rectify chaos, destroy illegal cultivation of cultivated land, increase the investment and control of high standard farmland construction, and ensure that the number of arable land is guaranteed and quality is improved.

  Central Rural Work Conference:Coordinate new types of urbanization and comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.Improve the comprehensive carrying capacity and governance capabilities of the county, and promote the integration and development of urban and rural areas of counties.Improve the rural governance system, promote the party building to promote rural revitalization, adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao experience" in the new era, and build a safe countryside.Vigorously strengthen the construction of rural spiritual civilization and continue to promote rural migration and customs.

  Surging News:The central bank authorized the National Bank of China Interbank Borrowing Center to announce that the loan market quotation interest rate (LPR) on December 20, 2023 was 3.45%of the 1 -year variety, and 4.20%of the 5 -year varieties, which were equal to the previous period.EssenceThe market has not moved to LPR this month.On December 15th, the central bank has increased its net investment in the MLF sequel this month, but the interest rate of winning the bid remains unchanged.In the whole year of 2023, the 1 -year LPR lowered 20 basis points, and the LPR decreased by more than 5 years was 10 basis points.The last adjustment of the LPR was in August. The 1 -year LPR lowered 10 basis points. LPRs over 5 years were mobilized.

  Surging News:According to media reports, China has settled between China and Argentina's central banks65$ 100 million in currency swap agreement arrangementEssenceIn this regard, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that it is recommended to understand from the competent department.We insist on mutually beneficial cooperation with Argentina on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

  CCTV News:The Herhay armed forces responded tough, even if the United States mobilized the world, it would not stop military operationsEssenceIn response to the establishment of the so-called "escort alliance" in the United States and some countries, the Herhay Herham armed spokesman Muhammad Abdul-Salam responded on social media that "the establishment of the United States Alliance is to protect the Israeli and military red waters.Those who seeks the conflict must bear the corresponding consequences. "Mohammed Buhaiti, a member of the core decision -making agency of the Hussean armed forces, also said that even if the United States successfully mobilized the entire world, the Houthi armed forces would not stop military operations.Buhaiti reiterated that only if Israel ceases fire and allows humanitarian supplies to enter the Gasha Strip unobstructed, the Hassy armed forces will stop attacking.

  Department of Ecology:November,The average number of days in the country's 339 prefecture -level and above cities is 92.5%,The year -on -year increase of 0.6 percentage points, an increase of 7.1 percentage points from the same period in 2019; the average PM2.5 average concentration was 33 micrograms/cubic meter, a decrease of 2.9%year -on -year, and 19.5%from the same period in 2019.

  Daily Economic News:Nomura Securities said that it is expected that there will be room for upward in the A -share market in the next 12 months.Bellaide pointed out that in the first half of 2024, both A shares and Hong Kong stocks had better allocation opportunities.At present, the valuations of the two major markets are at a lower level.Morgan Stanley set the target point of the CSI 300 index at the end of 2024 to 3850 points.Goldman Sachs expects that the MSCI China Index and the CSI 300 Index ingredients will achieve 10%and 11%of profit growth respectively in 2024, which is close to this year's performance.

  Department of Commerce:12 departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Digital Empowerment of Life Services".The "Opinions" focuses on the five aspects of enriching digital application scenarios of life services, shortcomings for digital development of life services, stimulating digital development of life services, consolidating the foundation of digital development of life services, and strengthening support for support.,,It will further promote the digital level of business services, transportation, cultural tourism, education, medical and health and other fieldsEssence

  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:It is mentioned in the response to proposals No. 02969 of the 14th session of the CPPCC National Committee, and mentioned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strengthen the cooperative interaction with relevant departments and promote the high -quality development of Web3.0 technology innovation and industrial development.strengthenWeb3.0Investigation and research, formulate that is in line with my country's national conditionsWeb3.0Development strategic file, Clarify the development path, technical focus, application model of Web3.0, and deal with the relationship between inheritance and innovation, development and security, government, market, supply and demand.Focus on key areas such as government affairs and industry, encourage new business models such as NFT, distributed applications (DAPP), and accelerate the innovative applications and digital ecological construction of Web3.0.

  First Finance:The Red Sea Broken Crisis continued to ferment, and the transportation price remained high in the short term.The domestic futures market has a high emotions, and the cumulative increase has been 29.9%since this week.In terms of A shares and Hong Kong stock markets, shipping stocks have also risen in multiple trading days in a row.Researchers say that the current freight rate is in the process of cash in the rise, considering the peak of shipments before the Spring Festival in January,If the increase in the number of voyages in the future will lead to tightening capacity, it will not rule out that the ship's continues to increase the freight before the Spring FestivalEssence

  Surging News:The central cooperation between China Rare Earth Group and Fujian Rare Earth Group in the rare earth industry is advancing.On the evening of December 19, Xiamen Tungsten Industry Announcement disclosed that the subsidiary company's company's plan to sign the "Terminal Administrative Agreement" with the Rare Rare Earth (Group) Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province.The current Fujian Rare Earth Group and China Rare Earth Group intend to operate Changting Zhongfang Rare Earth Mine through a joint venture, and it is intended to be trusted by the company and China Rare Earth Group.Essence

  Data treasure:Longji Green Energy recently released the news, via the authoritative certification report of the Institute of Solar Research (ISFH) in Germany,Longji Green Energy independently developed back -to -back touch crystal silicon heterogeneous knot Sun battery (HBC), Use all -laser graphics to mass -mass production process technology27.09%The battery conversion efficiency, create a new world record for the efficiency of single crystal silicon solar cellsThis is another breakthrough after the World Record of 26.81%of the Silicon Solar battery efficiency of 26.81%of Longji Green Energy in November 2022.

  Financial Association:Astra Technology, a fintech company in Dubai, has recently reached a cooperation with Tencent Fintech Company.China's WeChat users can accept it in the futureAstraInstant Communication Application "Botim"RemittanceEssenceAccording to the agreement, Chinese receipts can receive remittances and monitor remittances through WeChat messages.When receiving remittances, users can choose to transfer to WeChat wallets, or they can use bank cards associated with WeChat.At the same time, combined with WeChat's unique features, Botim users can notify the payee one click after each remittance.

  Daily Economic News:At the new product launch conference of Oceanprotect data,Huawei officially released new flagship flagship products of full flash backup machine, and announced the open source of backup softwareIn response to the new demands of data backup efficiency and data security of smart finance and autonomous driving, to escort the digital transformation of enterprises.The newly released OceanProteCTX9000 full -flashing performance backup all -in -one and OceanproteCTE8000 full -flash distributed backup allocation machine has a 65%data reduction rate of the leading industry and supports six -layer anti -ransomware to enhance storage endogenous security.Among them, OceanProteCTX9000 can support 130TB/HR backup bandwidth, 72TB/HR restoration bandwidth, and backup performance industry first.

  Data treasure:appleVisionProThe sale is expected to arrive early2024Year1In the late month, the new supplier joined, and the output is expected to increaseEssenceRelated invited experiences and developers' test feedback mentioned the "shock" perception. In terms of the existing XR products, the problems of dizziness, less content, and no application for applications, Apple MR has improved significantly.

  Daily Economic News:According to reports,Chain small coffee shop founded after Dawei went to the United StatesAbouttime coffeeOriginally5Home store, now4The home has shown "permanent shutdown"EssencePeople who are close to the project revealed that the current operation of Abouttime Coffee has been in trouble. The capital chain encounters a bottleneck, and the entire project is close to the edge of the camp.In 2014, Dawei and Peking University alumni founded ofo. Beginning at the end of 2018, ofo was caught in the crisis of the capital chain and continued to be criticized for the unable to refund the deposit. According to rough calculations, the deposit of not repaid ono was about 1.58 billion yuan.

  Financial Association:Recently, the German government facing the budget crisis ended the "Environmental Prize" plan in advance. The plan is a subsidy for the German government for C -end electric vehicles.German electric vehicle subsidy plan is all over this weekThe original plan was implemented until the end of 2024.Experts said that the cancellation of subsidies in Germany will have an impact on all car companies.Because China has few export cars on the B -end, Germany's full cancellation of subsidies have a greater impact on European car companies.And domestic views believe that this will have a negative impact on Chinese battery factories.

  Department of Housing:In some cities in some cities, there have been excess supply,It can make full use of the construction of unreasonable land and judicial disposal of housing and land that can be recovered according to law.Avoid idle waste.At the same time, supporting policies involving land, fiscal, taxation, and finance have been introduced one after another.

  Beijing Business Daily:Beijing adjusts and optimizes housing policies, involving a reduction in the proportion of down payment, extending loan periods, downgrading of mortgage interest rates, and optimizing the standards of general houses.Some people sold more than 20 sets in two days, and all members canceled their leave at the end of the year.Affected by the New Deal,At the end of the year, the Beijing New Housing Market has become a unanimous judgment of many front -line marketers.

  Surging News:For netizens' messages on "reducing prices for Nanjing's new housing housing, a limited decline policy should be introduced", the Nanjing Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau replied that due to various factors, the pressure of some real estate continued to increase.Activity, for this kind of situation,The local and local departments are guided through interviews to promote the smooth operation of the marketEssence

  China Securities Journal:A Notice on Optimizing and Adjusting the Real Estate Regulation Policy "is circulated in the Hainan real estate market.The notice mentioned the adjustment of policies such as the number of housing sets identification standards in personal housing loans and reducing the interest rate of the first set of housing loan interest rates.In this regard, the Housing Housing and Urban -Rural Development Department of Hainan Province responded, andThere are currently no news, the official website notice shall prevail.

  China Securities Journal:It is reported that Longhu Group has repaid the 2 billion Hong Kong dollar loan in advance. People familiar with the matter said that the news is trueEssenceAt present, Longhu's debt in 2024 has been cleared, and the debt structure has continued to optimize.Prior to this, Longhu revealed to the outside world that in late November, Longhu repaid the CCI loan that expired on January 2, 2024.Repayed in advance in December.By 2025, Longhu will be repaid without a period of time.The loan was not available before 2027.The supply chain ABS and business tickets in Longhu Group have been cleared.

  Gree Electric:It is estimated that the net profit in 2023 is 27 billion yuan to 29.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%-19.6%.companyIntend12Gree Titanium New Energy Co., Ltd. held by the name of the name of the name transaction2.71100 million shares (Occupy Gree Titanium Total Heritage24.54%) The way to increase holdings of Gree TitaniumThe transaction price is about 1.015 billion yuan.Gree Titanium shares held by Gree Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu did not participate in the transaction.After the transaction is completed, Gree Electric will control the voting right of Gree Titanium 72.47%, of which directly holds 55.01%of Gree Titanium, and entrusts the arrangement of approximately 193 million shares held by Dong Mingzhu's Gree Titanium.The voting right (17.46%of the total stock of Gree titanium).The Gree Titanium stocks held by Dong Mingzhu remain unchanged.

  Alibaba:Wu Yongming, CEO of Alibaba Group and Tao Tian Group, also serves as the CEO of Taitian Group.Tao Tian Group's former CEO Dai Shan will assist in the establishment of Alibaba Group Asset Management Company, which is a new business function after Ali's change.In addition, there are media reports that Wu Yongming, CEO of Ali Group, has made a series of capital plans. Hema has been considering selling, hungry or new capital actions, and Youku is considering merging into Ali Films, but the premiseIt can be stable and profitable.To this,Both Hema, Ali Entertainment and Hungry said, saying that the news is false rumorsEssence

  Rui Xing Coffee:Many media reports in Thailand reported that the Royal 50R Group (50R Group) officially submitted a lawsuit to the court.It is required that the court will determine the economic loss of China Ruixing Coffee compensation100100 million bahtThe court has filed a case for this.Ruixing Coffee responded to the issue of "about 10 billion baht claimed by Thailand's fake Ruixing", which remains to be verified.

  Gravity Media:Receive the work letter from the Shanghai Stock ExchangeThe disclosure of information disclosure of abnormal fluctuations in the company's stock price is clearly supervised, involving objects including listed companies, directors, supervisors, senior management personnel, controlling shareholders and actual controllers.

  Baosteel shares:Company controlling shareholder Baosteel Group 2023Cumulative obtained rock -type rare earth oxide mining indicators will be compared to2022A significant increase in annual, the increase is26.12%EssenceThe company will continue to promote the production of rare earth concentration ore with Baiyun -Ebo resources as the raw material selection production line.

  Sichuan Investment Energy:In order to further enhance the core competitiveness and influence of the company in the field of clean energy, the company decided to invest 8.263 billion yuan (the total investment of the project) and set up the Pingshan pumping water storage project company.Investment and development of Yibin Pingshan pumping water storage power stationEssenceThe company intends to use cash+bank loan to invest, and gradually get in place according to the progress of the project.

  Xiamen tungsten industry:The company's indirect controlling shareholder Fujian Metallurgical Plan will increase its holdings of the company's shares within 6 months from December 25th.The cumulative increase in holdings is not less than less500010,000 yuan, no more than1100 million yuanEssenceThe price range of this holding plan is not set.

  Yinqian shares:Full -funded subsidiary Shanghai Yinlun Hot Exchange System Co., Ltd.Received a fixed notice from a well -known auto parts manufacturer in EuropeEssenceThe company obtained the fixed point of the customer's new energy vehicle air -conditioning box project.The life cycle of the project is 8 years and is expected to start batch supply in May 2026.According to customer forecasts, the expected sales of about 82.1 million euros during the life cycle.

  CSI stock market:On December 20, the Shanghai Index fell 1.03%to close at 2902.11 points; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell 1.41%to close 9158.44 points; the GEM index fell 1.36%to close at 1802.88 points.Public utilities, engineering consulting, rubber products, and precious metal sectors have increased, and education, games, cultural media, tourism hotels, and securities sectors have fallen.

  Shanghai -Shenzhen -Hong Kong Stock Connect:On December 20, the northbound capital sold 1.542 billion yuan.Gree Electric, China Merchants Bank, and Moutai in Guizhou were sold 452 million yuan, 430 million yuan, and 281 million yuan in nets.The net purchase amount in Ningde was the first, with a amount of 686 million yuan.

  Dragon Tiger List:On December 20th, among the stock lists on the list, the most net inflow of funds was Yinbaoshan New, with 187 million yuan.The institutional participation in the Dragon and Tiger List involved 29 shares, of which 6 were bought by the institution. Huayang Lianzhong was bought the most, and bought 57.3143 million yuan on three days.In addition, 23 shares were sold on the institution, and Founder Securities was sold most at 60.444 million yuan.

  Raiders and securities securities:As of December 19, the financing balance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange was reported at 836.973 billion yuan, an increase of 573 million yuan from the previous trading day;It increased by 1.091 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

  Financial Association:Some self -media rumors that "stock index futures only allow setting period preservation transactions."The person in charge of the CICC responded to this,Related content is not trueEssenceAt the same time, it reminds investors to pay attention to screening information, do not believe in rumors, and not spread rumors.

  Daily Economic News:Recently, a number of mainstream foreign -funded institutions including Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Morgan Stanley and other mainstream foreign -funded institutions have made a look at the A -share market in 2024.Pass through2After more years of adjustment,AStocks are expected to usher in super decline opportunitiesThis is the common view of some foreign institutions.In addition, from a historical point of view, the performance of the MSCI China index is strongly related to the RMB exchange rate.Recently, UBS has adjusted the RMB exchange rate to the US dollar exchange rate forecast.

  US stock:The three major stock indexes in the New York stock market fell on the 20th. Among them, the Dow fell 1.27%, the S & P index fell 1.47%, and the Nasdaq index fell 1.50%.

  European stock:The three major European stock indexes rose and down the day. The average price index of 100 stocks in the London stock market "Financial Times" closed at 7715.68 points on the 20th, an increase of 77.65 points from the previous trading day, an increase of 1.02%.The CAC40 index of the Paris stock market was closed at 7583.43 points, an increase of 8.76 points from the previous trading day, an increase of 0.12%; the DAX index of the Frankfurt stock market in Germany was closed at 16733.05 points, a decrease of 11.36 points from the previous trading day, a decrease of 0.07%.

  Asia Pacific stock market:On December 20, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closed up 0.66%to 16613.81 points; the Hang Seng Technology Index closed up 0.51%to 3726.5 points; the Nikkei 225 index closed 1.47%to 33708.50 points.The South Korean KOSPI index closed up 1.76%to 2613.71 points.

  First Finance:The two major Indian stock indexes have reached a record high this yearEssenceThe Indian market benchmark Sensex index rose nearly 17%this year, rising for seven consecutive weeks before last week, and recorded the longest increase since January 2018.At the same time, the Indian People's Party (BJP) led by Indian Prime Minister Modi recently won three of four major states in local elections.Market sources are therefore optimistic about the prospects of India's first public offering (IPO) in 2024.

  Financial Association:The Federal Reserve Hak said that "interest rate cuts are important, but it will not start immediately, and inflation has not subsided thoroughly."EssenceLocal time on Wednesday (December 20), Philadelphia Fed Chairman Hak said that the Fed began to cut interest rates, but it should not start this process immediately because the work of calming inflation has not yet been completed.In order to suppress high inflation, the Fed began to increase interest rate hikes from last spring, and adjusted the federal fund interest rates from the level close to zero to 5.25%-5.5%.

  CCTV News:Toshiba, Japan(6588)Vental from the Tokyo Stock ExchangeThe history of listed companies in 74 years since 1949.Toshiba fell into a financial crisis after being exposed to the accounting fraud scandal in 2015, and has been in a state of chaos and difficulty in business for a long time.

  Domestic futures:On December 20, the domestic commodity futures rose a large area, and the European line rose daily limit, up 10%, ethylene glycols rose more than 3%, and styrene and methanol rose more than 2%.Lu fuel rose more than 1%, solid alkali fell more than 2%, lithium carbonate and soybean meal fell more than 1%.

  International Gold:The New York Commodity Exchange's golden futures market's most active trading in February 2024, the gold futures price fell 4.4 US dollars on the 20th, closed at $ 2047.7 per ounce, a decrease of 0.21%.

  International crude oil:International oil prices rose slightly on the 20th. As of the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures delivered in February 2024 in the New York Commodity Exchange rose 28 cents to close at $ 74.22 per barrel, an increase of 0.38%; delivery in February 2024The price of Buret crude oil futures in London rose 47 cents, closing at $ 79.7 per barrel, an increase of 0.59%.

  International metal:The LME -stage copper closes $ 11 to $ 8,582/ton.The LME -stage aluminum closed down 22 US dollars, a decrease of more than 0.97%to $ 2241/ton.During the LME, zinc closed at $ 8 to $ 2573/ton.The LME stage lead closed at $ 18 to $ 2082/ton.The LME period increased at $ 107 to $ 16,854/ton.The LME tin closed at $ 66 to $ 25203/ton.

  International agricultural products:At the end of New York on Wednesday (December 20), the Bloomberg Category Index fell 1.06%to 40.0329 points, once fell to 39.9813 points. The last 40 -point psychological passage was on November 28.CBOT corn futures fell 0.53%to 4.70-1/4 US dollars/pyrite.CBOT wheat futures fell 1.85%to 6.11-1/4 US dollars/pu-ears.CBOT soybean futures fell 0.45%to 13.16-1/2 US dollars/pupae, soybean meal futures fell 0.92%, and soybean oil futures rose 0.04%.ICE raw sugar futures fell 2.57%, 20.88 cents/pound; ICE white sugar futures fell 1.66%.Ice Arabica coffee futures fell 5.33%, coffee "C" futures fell 5.29%, and Robusta coffee futures rose 1.96%.Cocoa futures rose 0.49%to 4310 (USD/ton), and the U.S. stocks quickly rose to $ 4334 after the opening.ICE cotton futures fell 0.16%.

  Shanghai International Energy Trading Center:After research, since the transaction on December 22, 2023, the collection index (European line) Futures EC2404, EC2406, EC2408, EC2410, EC2412 contract day -to -day Pingjin Cangka tradingThe handling fee is adjusted to the four thousandths of the transaction amountEssence

  China Securities Journal:Recently, the gold oil ratio has continued to strengthen to a historic high. As of December 20th,The gold oil ratio calculated based on COMEX gold futures and WTI crude oil futures is over 27EssenceWhenever the gold oil is higher, in addition to the release of early warning signals to the global economy, it also usually means the "inflection point" time for the gold and crude oil markets.Analysts pointed out that the effectiveness of historical statistical laws is relatively limited. For example, in 2016 and 2018, the metal -oil ratio increased to 25, but the economic recession did not happen.However, under the support of the macro environment, the strategic level is more golden.

  Shibor:On December 20, SHIBOR reported 1.5920%overnight, up 2.2 basis points; 7 days Shibor reported 1.7840%, an increase of 1.7 basis points; 3 months of SHIBOR reported 2.6010%, which was the same as last day.

  State debt:On December 20, the main contracts of national bond futures rose and declined.As of the closing, the 30 -year Treasury Bond Futures (TL2403) closed at 100.870 yuan, an increase of 0.080 yuan, an increase of 0.08%; the 10 -year Treasury Bond Futures (T2403) closed at 102.480 yuan, down 0.040 yuan, a decrease of 0.04%; 5 -year Treasury futures(TF2403) The close of 102.220 yuan, a decrease of 0.060 yuan, a decrease of 0.06%; the 2 -year Treasury Futures (TS2403) closed at 101.144 yuan, down 0.016 yuan, a decrease of 0.02%.

  European debt:On Wednesday (December 20), the British 10-year Treasury bond yield fell 11.80 basis points to 3.532%.In the past two years, it has been new for more than two years, and the decline has exceeded expectations. Traders predict that by March 2024, the British Bank will cut interest rates 10 basis points, 29 basis points will be reduced in April, and 141 basis points will be reduced by the end of 2024.Germany's 10-year Treasury yield fell 4.5 basis points to 1.971%. The trading trading was in the range of 2.016%-1.954%.%).French 10 -year Treasury yields fell 4.4 basis points, Italian 10 -year Treasury yields fell 3.8 basis points, and Spain's 10 -year Treasury yields fell 4.8 basis points.Greece's 10-year Treasury yield fell 7.4 basis points. Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter and reported that after the investment-level rating, Greece is preparing to issue 8 billion to 10 billion euros in 2024Several plans, the Greek government's financing demand in 2024 was 3 billion euros.

  US debt:At the end of New York on Wednesday (December 20), the yield on the 10 -year benchmark Treasury bonds in the United States fell 8.02 basis points, which was reached as low as 3.8511%.The two -year US bond yield fell 9.55 basis points, reaching a refresh date as low as 4.3439%.The 20 -year US bond yield fell more than 6.5 basis points, and the yield of 30 -year US bonds fell 5.72 basis points.The yield of the three -year US bonds fell 9.25 basis points, the five -year US bond yield fell 8.51 basis points, and the seven -year US bond yield fell 8.69 basis points.The margin spread between Treasury coupons/10-year US bonds fell 9.693 basis points and reported at-154.702 basis points.02/10-year US debt yield spread rose 1.340 basis points to 49.890 basis points.The US 10 -year inflation preservation national bond (TIPS) yield fell 7.57 basis points to 1.6559%.

  Financial Association:The U.S. Treasury announced the International Capital Flow Report (TIC) in October 2023.The report shows,The scale of US Treasury bonds held in October in October has decreased by 8.5 billion US dollars compared with the previous month, which is the seventh consecutive month.The total positioning scale has fallen from US $ 778.1 billion in September to $ 769.6 billion, renewing a new low since 2009.

  RMB:At 03:00 Beijing time at the Kishi RMB, 7.1382 was closed at 03:00.The transaction volume was US $ 30.543 billion.

  Dollar:The US dollar index rose on the 20th. The US dollar index of the US dollar to the six major currencies rose 0.24%on the same day and closed at 102.408 at the end of the foreign exchange market.




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